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AHP is honored to announce our 2022 Aalia Award


for Social & Historical Recognition to:



Presenter to be announced.

The Montford Point Marines was the first African-Americans to enlist in the U.S. Marine Corps after President Franklin Roosevelt issued Executive Order 8802, prohibiting racial discrimination, establishing the Fair Employment Practices Commission in June 1941. These first African-American recruits trained at Camp Montford Point in Jacksonville, NC from August 26, 1942 until the camp was decommissioned on September 9, 1949. The largest number of black Marines to serve in combat during WW II took part in some of the bloodiest battles from Iwo Jima, Peleiliu, Saipan the seizure of Okinawa, with approximately 2,000 seeing action. Montford Marines were important in all major campaigns in Korea and Vietnam.

In recognizing The Montford Point Marines, AHP and its principal partners are committed in showing our apprciation and honoring those Montford Point Marines of WWII. These Marines fought for the right to fight and paved the way so that others could continue to achieve goals and when faced with challenges they can preserver and become successful.  AHP, its' affiliates, principals and partners wish to express our deepest gratitude, condolences to the families and friends of these great African American pioneers and Marines who've served and sacrificed for our nation.

To learn more about the Montford Point Marines, visit;  www.MontfordPointMarines.org

Semper Fi

AHP will raise funds and awareness to benefit the NMPM Assoc. Auxiliary