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The Arts, Hearts & Philanthropy Initiative was founded in 2011 as a grass roots movement by a small handful of socially conscious entrepreneurs, artists and visionaries - committed to building the best possible future for our children and future generations ahead.
In this mission, AHP seeks to assemble an alliance of influential individuals and organizations, and provide a platform to amplify awareness and calls to action that tackle grand global challenges. AHP leverages the power of community activism, the arts, media and NGOs to inspire, educate and move society in taking immediate action.
Arts, Hearts & Philanthropy sponsors, empowers, and raises awareness for charitable initiatives and socially conscious for-profit efforts. We build world-class live and online event platforms featuring leaders in academia, business, technology, government and entertainment, bridging disruptive ideas with communities and organizations from all sectors of industry.  AHP also works with its partners on their awareness campaigns and in meeting their non-profit fundraising goals. 
We believe that it is now up to all of us, governments, businesses, civil society and the general public to work together to build a better future, with a key focus on our children as they inherit the world we create.
Guided by the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we work with initiatives across a wide range of causes including education and arts training, gender equality, early childhood development, the eradication of poverty, ending human trafficking, climate change, wildlife conservation, homelessness, the promotion of good health and well-being, and economic empowerment through diversity in business and entrepreneurship training.

"There are extraordinary opportunities that are out there, and unbelievable things that can be built. And every problem that we face as humans is an opportunity

to build a solution and a business." 


- Ashton Kutcher, 

Actor/Investor & Founder of THORN (2018, AHP sponsored event)

The principals of Arts, Hearts & Philanthropy have sponsored and produced 250+ events supporting over 140 nonprofit organizations around the world, including: 
Downtown Women's Center, U.S. Marine Corps - Toys For Tots, The Jenesse Project, UNICEF, Save The Children,  THORNFeed A BillionClinton FoundationJust Keep Livin FoundationQuincy Jones FoundationCharlize Theron Africa Outreach ProjectBreed LifeChild Liberation FoundationMy Life My PowerFirelife Foundation, Keep A Child AliveonePULSE Foundation, and United Intentions Foundation, among others.
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The Arts, Hearts & Philanthropy initiative is pushed forward by a coalition of veterans, academics, artists and socially conscious entrepreneurs - community leaders across multiple sectors of industry, culture and society.