Through crisis we endure and together we'll #emerge.

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Dedicated to frontline healthcare workers |

#Emerge #Rise  

“We’re having a collective heart awakening across the globe, and while the old paradigm is falling away, a new one is forging ahead with determination. I'm looking forward to lending my voice through #Emerge to usher in the next vision defining our destiny.”

- Rhona Bennett



#Emerge addresses difficult challenges facing the nation with plans to provide tools, techniques and inspiration for navigating these tough times. 


How do we make a meaningful impact in our own communities?


How do we prepare ourselves for major shifts in our finances and daily routines? 


How can we better support our healthcare workers - frontline warriors fighting against COVID-19 and facing critical shortages of Personal Protection Equipment nationwide?

How do we emerge from crises, connect and heal, and adjust our lives to a 'new normal?'


Discussion Topic

Social, Legal & Economic Challenges Facing

Underrepresented Communities

Hosted by:

Axel Tillmann

#GetUsPPE is working to build a national, centralized platform to enable communities to get PPE to healthcare providers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Coping & preparing for the possibility of a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic - How can we better support our frontline warriors?

Join us for a free re-broadcast discussing these issues while raising funds for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to support our Frontline Healthcare Warriors.

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#GetMePPE #Emerge

Hosted by En Vogue's


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Through crisis we endure, and together we'll #emerge

#Emerge is sponsored by the Arts, Hearts & Philanthropy Initiative - Bridging ideas, organizations & influential individuals passionate about building a better future for our children. 

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An initiative founded by socially conscious entrepreneurs working to advance community through the arts and global humanitarian efforts.

- For Our Future, Our Children.

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