Since 2011, the principals of AHP, Be Bright Brigade, IAPF, Be Great! and Always In The Club have sponsored, supported and produced numerous world-class events throughout the country raising awareness and funding for humanitarian efforts to address homelessness, domestic violence, climate change, health & wellness, education, sex trafficking, veteran's issues, and diversity & inclusion. 


We have curated world-class Art Shows and Installations, Fashion Shows, Toy Drives, Business Summits and Galas of all sizes. Contact us to learn how we can partner with you to tackle global grand challenges for our future... for our children!

“…. the process of creativity, it’s always there, one just has to seek it - and be prepared with your imagination; soul and science!”


Quincy Jones —

Keynote at AHP Sponsored Gala


“... if you want something to get done - ask someone who's busy to help you get it done!” 

-- Warren Buffett