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AHP sponsors and produces world-class events that leverage the power of community activism and the potential for the arts to educate, inspire and motivate society in taking action to end poverty, inequality and climate change. 





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“... this is the nexus between art, activism, glamour up against the hard realities in the world. Through the lens of consciousness, our future is determined by how well we can integrate these 2 parts of our mind; the spirit and technology. My hope is that we’ll be able to celebrate the arts, music, the movies, the pageantry a thousand years from now!”
-- James Cameron
      Keynote, 2014 AHP sponsored event
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Meet Aalia, our Ambassador of Hope 
She’s 4 – bright, beautiful and fills every room with her smile, laughter, and joy. Every child in this world should have the resources and opportunities that Aalia has.
AHP is focused on one main issue; a better world for our children. For it is the children that are our future. They, unlike any generation before us, have perhaps the greatest challenges ahead. Meeting those challenges starts today. They are depending on us to be the custodians of their best possible future - a world safe from conflict and environmental, economic, and resource depletion.
Join Aalia. Join our previous keynotes and special guests, as Aalia will want us to use our minds, our hearts and our ideas to not only envision a better tomorrow, but to take immediate action today!
Join us at Walt Disney World
Help us provide cost free vacations for critically ill children at Central Florida attractions
Our children will inherit the world we create.
Contact us to find out how we can partner to address the global challenges we face.

AHP supports visionary entrepreneurs and philanthropists who we believe will play an important role in helping us reach the Sustainable Development Goals for a better world by 2030.



AHP is proud to sponsor the 6th Annual Veterans Awards featuring a keynote address by General David Petraeus (RET.). 


Also known as the Vettys, the event will shine a light on the mental health epidemic that surrounds many of our military and civilian families.

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Hosted by En Vogue's Rhona Bennett

Through crisis we endure, and together we'll #emerge.

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